Bridal Makeup Artist in Kolkata

How do I choose a bridal makeup artist for wedding day?

Bridal makeup artists get booked as everyone wants to choose the best one for their wedding day. Many people book a makeup artist for the first time. But it is always a hard task to choose the right makeup artist for your special days. We had an enormous experience and spoke with numerous brides and came up with a list of points of common considerations. It is obvious that the planning should start before 4 to 5 months of the wedding day.

Here I mention a few important points that definitely help you to choose the best bridal makeup artist.

Planning early

Planning is important as it is really tricky to choose the right bridal makeup artist for your special day! It is our suggestion that you start planning about 5 months prior to your wedding. You start taking note of your requirements and work on your budget. You can visit a local salon or can search for a bridal makeup artist through the internet. You can ask the name of the makeup artist from your friends. After getting the list of makeup artists, you can start research on their portfolio and work experiences to assess whether you like what they do or it is as per your budget.

Clear about your criteria

You make a list of your criteria before you meet the bridal makeup artists. It’s important to discuss your area of interest and your requirements. For instance, if you want a hairstylist and bridal makeup artist separately then you must mention it early and ask about the prices of it. If you like a particular brand of makeup then you must mention it.

Check the track record and reviews

Almost every bridal makeup artist maintains a portfolio of their work. You need to check their earlier work and reviews given by past clients. From there, you can identify the quality of service they provide and you can shortlist makeup artists that you’d like to speak or select for your special day. It is our suggestion that be mindful to take reference from reviews from their past clients. Do not trap under-marketing people out of connivance with how expert their makeup artists are.

Ask them to provide a few real-life examples

It is a little bit tricky to judge the quality of work of a makeup artist or hairstylist by visiting the Instagram page or checking portfolio albums. These images may be edited by photo-editing software or by any graphic designer. You need to find photos that are not designed with any frame or any color adjustment. If you can’t see any images that are the makeup of any real customer without much editing then it makes doubt of their quality of work.

Ask for trials

Bridal makeup is a time-consuming process. You can also ask them if they do trials and try it at least one and half months ahead of the wedding. While few bridal makeup artists offer trials today.  If they agree with you then schedule a whole day, indoor and outdoor. This is helpful because the makeup artist identifies the proper foundation to use for indoor or outdoor on a special day. Check hair color, eyebrow shape to skin makeup, every little detail can enhance the look on a special day.

Check their products

Makeup artists sometimes prefer to use a particular brand of makeup. If you dislike the smell or consistency of the product, then suggest them to use another product that you like. If you have any skin issues then you can consult with a dermatologist and choose the prescribed product.

Consider the hair styling

Hairstyling is another most important part that everyone should look for. If you choose a makeup artist and hairstylist separately then, schedule a session when both the hairstylist and makeup artist can work concurrently with you. In this way, they can adjust their intricacies and avoid any flare-ups. This is the best way to make sure you like the hairstyling as much as you prefer the makeup style.

Prepare your skin for the special day

It does not matter how proficient your makeup artist or hairstyle artist is, you have to look after your skin and hair for the special day. Prepare in advance to evade any complexity like swollen lips or red eyes. Try to connect with a makeup artist and get advice on the use of makeup before the wedding day. It is better to follow a diet chart to look your skin glorious.

It is everyone’s desire to look nothing less like a dashing diva on her wedding day! To make her look beautiful, the expertise of a bridal makeup artist is important to every makeup plan. From the wedding to reception day as well, the hire of acclaimed makeup artists seems to be a proper decision. These tips will definitely help you make the right bridal makeup artist

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